How to book more sales meetings with Clearbit and Chili Piper

How to book more sales meetings with Clearbit and Chili Piper

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When qualified prospects want to talk to your sales team, don’t slow them down. With Clearbit and Chili Piper’s Form Concierge, leads who meet your criteria can instantly book a sales meeting or ask for a phone or video call when they hit submit on your demo request forms.

This shortens the demo scheduling process for more conversions, but it also sets up better sales conversations. Chili Piper sends accounts to the right rep by analyzing a lead’s Clearbit attributes and dropping them into a round robin for the appropriate team — such as BDRs, AEs, enterprise specialists, or a regional sales team.

You have full control of the routing criteria, and with 100+ possible attributes to combine, you can design nuanced rules that send your lead down the right path.

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We’ll show you how to set this up, and how one customer, Magic, uses Clearbit and Chili Piper to facilitate sales conversations. Michael Rubin, Magic’s founder and CFO, says, “The core value is our ability to route the right leads to the best agents and produce way more value over the lifetime of that lead.”

How to book more meetings with Clearbit and Chili Piper

1. Set up Clearbit Enrichment and form shortening and enable Router in Chili Piper Concierge

First, set up Clearbit Enrichment and enable form shortening. (Here are detailed instructions to set up form shortening if you use HubSpot or Adobe Marketo.) This will allow you to remove fields from your website forms, which reduces friction and increases conversion rates — you can drop from the industry average of 6-7 fields down to 1-2.

For example, Magic’s sign-up form is just one field — email address — because Clearbit Enrichment supplies background info to Chili Piper and their CRM, HubSpot. (Another Chili Piper and Clearbit customer, Travelbank, increased conversions by 2-3x via form shortening.)

Then, log into Chili Piper and navigate to Form Concierge. Concierge is Chili Piper’s online scheduler, which will qualify your leads, route them to the right rep, and show them a calendar to self-schedule or request an instant call.

In Concierge, create a new Inbound Router for your shortened form. Concierge Settings will allow you to set up the sales teams and phone queues you’d like that specific form to route to. You will also be able to customize the user experience and tell Chili Piper how to manage prospects that don’t take action.

Chili Piper Concierge Chili Piper Inbound Router

2. Set up queues of different sales reps

It’s time to add your “sales queues” to your router. Queues represent your various sales teams (or groups of reps who work a certain lead type), such as SMB / midmarket / enterprise, or low / medium / high-priority.

Create a queue for each team, and add its reps — called “users” in Chili Piper.

When a lead submits a form, Chili Piper will scan the sales queues in the order you specify, checking the lead against the queues’ qualification criteria (which you’ll define in the next step).

If a lead is qualified to enter a queue, Chili Piper will show a booking calendar with that team’s aggregate availability, while prioritizing one rep based on a round robin.

If you’d like to offer the option of a live video call or phone callback, you can also create a “phone queue” and add the reps who can receive inbound calls.

Add a catch-all queue for any prospects who don’t meet your criteria for a sales conversation; you can redirect them to another value-add experience, like a free tool landing page or a relevant piece of content such as a recorded demo.

3. Set up rules to create different journeys based on the lead’s fit

Next, set up rules for each queue, so Chili Piper can decide where to send a lead. The “admission criteria” can be any of Clearbit’s 100+ firmographic, technographic, and demographic attributes – any field on the Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity Objects in Salesforce and HubSpot.

In the example below, this sales queue will admit leads who work at a company with 51-250 employees that uses Salesforce as their CRM.

Chili Piper routing rules

Once you’ve added all your queues, configure your settings to let Chili Piper know how to handle qualified leads who never end up booking a meeting. Chili Piper can assign these “calendar abandoners” to a rep in the appropriate queue and send the rep an email notification to follow up.

Once your queues and rules are just right, go live by copying Chili Piper’s code snippet and adding it below the Clearbit Forms embed code on your website. (More instructions here.)

Now, when prospects fill out your website form, Clearbit will enrich their email address with firmographic and demographic data. Chili Piper will compare those attributes to your queue criteria, and if there’s a match, the lead will see an option to schedule time on that team’s calendar or request a phone or video call with reps in your phone queue.

You’re capturing intent when it’s highest for your qualified leads. And if they don’t qualify, Chili Piper will skip the meeting scheduler for a standard form submission experience — you can customize your “thank you” pages and design a different follow-up experience.

How Magic instantly connects leads to the right reps

Magic is a B2B outsourcing and virtual assistant company with both a self-serve PLG motion and a sales motion. Michael Rubin, founder and CFO, had been using Clearbit to figure out who Magic’s best customers are — and once he found his ICP, he ran targeted ad campaigns with Clearbit to drive similar prospects to the website.

Once traffic started rolling in, Michael wanted to capture a larger portion of that advertising spend by increasing form conversions and booking more sales meetings.

He set up Clearbit form optimization and Chili Piper to shorten Magic’s demo form to just one field (email address) as a popover modal.

Then, Michael created sales queues in Chili Piper for Magic’s three sales teams, which handle high, medium, and low-priority leads. He defined rules for each queue, based on number of employees and revenue.

Now, high-fit leads coming from an ad campaign are fast tracked to the top-tier sales team, which creates a premium experience and turns a larger share of Magic’s advertising budget into sales pipeline.

Michael says, “Our head of sales has very positive feedback about the new system. It brings more sophistication to our sales organization by changing the way we staff and manage our teams, and how we follow up with leads.”

Continue the journey with relevant conversations

With Chili Piper and Clearbit, your leads can help when they most want it — and your sales team can focus on meaningful conversations rather than chasing down call logistics.

Ready to optimize the next step in your sales process? Set up your reps for successful conversations by speeding up lead research.


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