Using Clearbit to make Slack a true part of your sales process

Salesby Matt Sornson on May 25, 2016

Sales teams are relying more and more on data. It helps them find the right customers for their business, learn more about their product and process, and save them a wealth of time. We want to bring data and communication together, making customer intelligence as accessible as possible to not only your sales reps, but your entire team. By introducing Clearbit data directly into Slack with our new integration [], sales teams can have this enriched data exactly where th

How Pipely makes conference leads useful (finally)

Salesby Matt Sornson on May 11, 2016

Behind every successful trade show or conference are the companies that sponsor and setup booths. Attendees flock to these events to discover the latest products, services and to get as many t-shirts as possible. If you've ever sponsored a trade show or worked a booth, you'll know how frustrating it can be to end the conference with 800 business cards and very little context. I've personally spent hours researching my conference leads and prioritizing follow ups. Pipely [] ha

How Synap levels up their CRM with Clearbit Enrichment

Salesby Matt Sornson on March 03, 2016

Behind every successful product is a series of delightful experiences for users. While some are core to the actual value prop of the product, others are as simple as playful copy or design. For example, when you’re about to send a Mailchimp campaign, they show you their mascot’s sweating finger hovering over a big red button: Maybe something fun like this fits with your product and your brand, or maybe not. But moments of delight come in all shapes and sizes, and we recently spotted one in S

Finding similar customers

Salesby Alex MacCaw on September 18, 2015

An effective way of sourcing new leads for your business is by looking for companies that are similar to your existing customers. Similar both in terms of size, but also market--essentially going after your customer's competitors. Clearbit's Discovery API [] can help you find these leads programatically using our clustering algorithms to search for similar companies. Our most successful outbound campaign to date has been powered by a similar lead list. For example

How to score sales leads programmatically

Salesby Alex MacCaw on October 21, 2014

If your business has an inbound sales process then you're probably measuring the quality of leads. Knowing how important a lead is helps with prioritizing followups effectively. Proactively reaching out to valuable leads and giving them the white-gloves treatment can also help conversion. At Clearbit we have a system that scores incoming leads based on our data, and sends us an email alert when a high value lead, such as a company that's raised money, signs up. Today I want to release the libr

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