Proactive Live Chat With Drift and Clearbit

Salesby Dave Gerhardt on May 16, 2017

A guest post by Dave Gerhardt, Director of Marketing @ Drift Live chat is a fantastic way to engage your site's visitors and can have a huge impact on increasing your conversion rates. However, live chat also has its downsides. Unqualified sales conversations and increased support requests, all that need to be responded to in real time, can be a huge drain on any team. The new Clearbit Reveal [] and Drift Messaging [] integration now allows

Dynamic Chat Personalization

Salesby Alex MacCaw on January 03, 2017

Adding a Chat widget to your site is a great way of interacting with potential customers, answering questions, and closing deals. We've been experimenting with using Drift [] on Clearbit's main site to do just that and the results have been great, but with one catch. We were finding the volume of chat messages was too much for our team, and there was a lot of noise for little signal. Essentially we were getting bogged down dealing with a lot of unqualified customers. So we de

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