Marketing & Growth

Marketing & Growth

Data enrichment: 5 ways enrichment can improve marketing outcomes

Marketing & Growthby Janet Choi on August 19, 2022

Enrichment is a game-changer. Without out, you have limited info about leads — requiring time and effort to research and figure out who you're dealing with.

The budget crunch: Why marketing costs are rising across B2B SaaS

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on August 17, 2022

From ad platforms to sponsorships, B2B marketing costs are rising. Find out what's driving up costs — and learn why you need to update your GTM playbooks going forward.

Re-think lead forms to increase conversion without sacrificing quality

Marketing & Growthby Clearbit Team on August 16, 2022

Long lead forms comes at the expense of customer experience, conversion rates and other down-funnel metrics. But letting everyone in the door with super-short forms hurts your sales teams, ultimately lowering close rates. Here's how Form Shortening removes the tradeoff.

How to create & activate your ICP for more efficient B2B ad campaigns

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on August 11, 2022

Close that gap between the ICP definition on a slide deck somewhere, and the real people you’re trying to reach in the world by activating your ICP.

How to do intent-based prospecting with Clearbit

Marketing & Growthby Saagar Gupta on July 28, 2022

Learn how to use intent-based prospecting to prioritize your time by focusing on accounts showing engagement.

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