How to enrich and standardize your database with Clearbit and Adobe Marketo

How to enrich and standardize your database with Clearbit and Adobe Marketo

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A clean database is the foundation for automated marketing and sales workflows. When you can identify any lead or company that enters your funnel and append standardized business data, you’ll be able to create segments, score leads, and personalize outreach.

Clearbit for Adobe Marketo provides rich business intelligence on your leads and can help to standardize even the most varied database, offering over 100 enrichment attributes on companies and buyers.

We’ll show you how Zenefits enriches tough-to-identify leads like personal email addresses and small business employees, and how Sift uses granular Clearbit data to sort leads into many buyer profiles. With clean data foundations in Marketo, Zenefits and Sift drive more conversions and increase ROI.

How to effectively follow up with inbound leads using Clearbit and Marketo

1. Connect Clearbit and Marketo

In Clearbit, go to the Data Sync tab and select Marketo. Follow the instructions to connect your Marketo account with Clearbit (here are detailed instructions).

Connect Clearbit and Marketo

Next, set up field mapping by assigning Clearbit attributes to your Marketo fields using the drop-downs. Clearbit offers 100+ business data attributes from over 250 data sources.

You can choose whether to overwrite Marketo data on a field-by-field basis. For example, you may prefer to keep the name and phone number a lead typed into your form, but to overwrite the industry field with Clearbit data so it’s standardized.

Clearbit can enrich any type of Marketo field, and you can choose to enrich new leads, refresh existing leads, or both.

Marketo field mapping

2. Automatically identify leads and accounts — and standardize their records across Marketo

As new leads and accounts enter your database, Clearbit will enrich their records.

At Zenefits, an all-in-one HR platform, many leads enter Marketo with nothing but a personal email address. This is due to Zenefits’ focus on small businesses and their campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn, where people are less likely to use work emails than personal emails.

Clearbit helps find matches for individual leads and their companies, then appends data in Marketo. Clearbit attributes like company size, location, and industry let Zenefits divide leads into sales-assist and self-serve tracks.

Clearbit attributes

The team at Sift, a digital trust and safety platform, uses Clearbit data to sort leads into multiple company segments that require different marketing messaging.

For example, one of Sift’s “parent verticals” is fintech companies. But under this umbrella, they’ve identified six distinct profiles that are a fit for Sift, such as crypto exchanges and payment service providers (PSPs).

To avoid inviting the PSPs to a crypto webinar, Sift needed detailed company data to place leads into different segments and run personalized Marketo campaigns. The typical “fintech” vertical label just wasn’t granular enough.

Before Clearbit enrichment, Sift salespeople found this data manually, through research and customer calls. Once they figured out the segment a company belonged to, they manually labeled it in Marketo using an internal profile schema.

This system wasn’t scalable, and Sift’s database had inconsistencies because label definitions varied across teams.

Today, Sift enriches leads in Marketo with Clearbit data, achieving consistent labeling and a more automated process to figure out which messaging a company should receive. They use a combination of Clearbit attributes like sub-industry, NAICS and SIC codes, company description, and company tags, as well as information like funding received, headquarters location, and number of employees.

3. Score, segment, and reach out to leads

Once you have a clean, consistent Marketo database enriched by Clearbit, you can get insights on who’s in your funnel, prioritize leads, and trigger personalized messaging out of Marketo.

Sift uses Clearbit attributes to define their ICP, surface MQLs, and route leads to sales with LeanData powered by their enriched data in Marketo. Since their pricing structure is based on transaction volume, Clearbit employee count helps them gauge account value. Then, Clearbit data flows to Sift’s Marketo programs for personalization, so that they send crypto invites and ebooks to the crypto profiles only.

Zenefits runs email nurture sequences that are different for self-serve and sales-assist segments, which are defined by Clearbit attributes. Zenefits also personalizes emails to reflect the HR regulations in the recipient’s industry and state, using corresponding Clearbit data points.

With Clearbit enrichment in place, your database stays standardized and segmentable no matter how much you grow. This is the foundation for personalized outreach at scale.

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