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The 4 rules for sending cold email that converts

Sales by Guillaume Cabane on

Guest post by Guillaume Cabane, ex-VP of Growth at Drift and co-founder of HyperGrowth Partners The days of “spray and pray” email are over. Just consider these statistics: The average cold email response rate is 1%, which means for every 100 people you email, you’re getting through to one  Read more

Automate data-driven alerts for B2B sales and success

Sales by Bradley Gula on

Instead of reviewing accounts one-by-one, what if reps could get a heads-up about key intent signals throughout the buying and customer journeys? And what if they knew who's most important to contact, when, and why?  Read more

5 ways to use Enrichment

Sales Marketing & Growth Features by Janet Choi on

Enrichment is a game-changer. Without out, you have limited info about leads — requiring time and effort to research and figure out who you're dealing with.  Read more

Revving up your speed to lead

Sales by Janet Choi on

Mastering speed to lead for B2B starts with a well-designed system. Learn why speed closes leads, what's getting in your way, and how to rev up the buying experience.  Read more

Announcing our Salesforce summer release

Sales by Alex Yamamoto on

Our new Salesforce release is now live! Get faster, more granular searches in Prospector, ultimate parent data in Enrichment, debug your integration with Clearbit Workbench, and more!  Read more