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Clearbit <3 Stamplay

Engineering by Matt Sornson on

We always get excited when there's a new easy way for people to use the Clearbit APIs. And here's the latest one! Stamplay is a backend as a service platform that let's you add our Enrichment APIs to your application with minimal custom dev work. Using Clearbit within Stamplay is  Read more

Docker & CoreOS - Part 1

Engineering Company by Alex MacCaw on

We use Docker and CoreOS extensively at Clearbit. We have over 70 different internal services running across a cluster of 18 machines on EC2. Every day our servers handle upwards of 1.5 million API calls, and that growth rate is only increasing. All this means being able to scale  Read more

Company Logo API

Engineering Features by Alex MacCaw on

We're happy to announce Clearbit's free Logo API. While services like Gravatar make it straightforward to pull in a user's default avatar, we haven't found anything that caters well to company logos. And yet there's a lot of clear use-cases ranging from setting an organization's default image on signup to  Read more

Company Tech Tags

Engineering Features by Alex MacCaw on

I'm happy to announce we've released a new data attribute for our Company API - technology tags. These tags represent the technology stack and products used by a company. This can be quite handy. We love instantly knowing whether a new signup comes from a business that already leverages cloud  Read more

Versioning APIs Internally

Engineering by Alex MacCaw on

There's a fair amount that's been written on how to version APIs, but what nobody talks about is what goes on behind the scenes--how versioning is implemented at a code level. One reason behind this is that the implementation is often a mess, a nestled spaghetti of conditional statements littering  Read more