How to enrich person and company data in Twilio Segment with Clearbit

How to enrich person and company data in Twilio Segment with Clearbit

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As a marketing ops professional, one of the most powerful assets you can build is a single source of truth about your users and leads — one that combines their behavioral data with firmographic and demographic data for full context on who they are and how they use your site and products. Bringing all your data into one place lets you build more powerful reports and automations, helps you better understand your customers, and enables you to run more effective marketing programs.

With the Clearbit and Segment integration, a single source of truth is just a few clicks away. Segment is a leading customer data platform that lets you collect behavioral events as your users interact with your products, website, emails, support ticketing platform, and more. Using the email addresses you’ve collected in Segment, and the IP addresses of website visitors, you can pull in Clearbit’s 100+ business data attributes about the people and companies in your funnel — information like role, seniority, and industry.

Instead of collecting this information by asking customers to fill out forms and surveys — at the cost of user experience — get your data from Clearbit, through Segment. Once all your behavioral, firmographic, demographic, and technographic data is in Segment, you can send it to 400+ marketing and analytics tools in real-time to create the richest reporting, personalization, and workflow automation you’ve ever had.

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How to enrich users in Segment with Clearbit

1. Connect Clearbit and Segment

In Segment, search the Catalog to find Clearbit. You’ll see options to connect Clearbit Enrichment and Clearbit Reveal.

Connect Clearbit and Segment

To enable these integrations, you’ll enter your Clearbit API key (more setup instructions here).

Here’s a quick overview of how Enrichment and Reveal talk to Segment.

Clearbit Enrichment: Use Enrichment to get full profiles for your customers and leads, including their demographic and role information, as well as firmographic and technographic data about the companies they work for. The Clearbit Enrichment API listens to the Segment identify event, looks up the associated email address, and sends up to 100+ business data attributes back to Segment.

Clearbit Reveal: Reveal looks up the IP address of a visitor browsing your website, finds the associated company, and returns its firmographic and technographic details — for example, its industry, size, location, and what CRM they use. This provides intelligence about which accounts are active on your properties, even if they browse anonymously and don’t fill out your lead forms. The Reveal API listens to the Segment page event and its associated IP address, then returns company-level data points.

Clearbit data appears in Segment as traits, and gives you much more information about who’s in your funnel and what actions they’re taking.

2. Get familiar with your new company and person data in Segment

Let’s look at the data you now have available in Segment. If you enabled Enrichment, you can click on a Segment identify event to see the traits Clearbit sent back for that email address (and the company associated with it, if applicable). If you enabled Reveal, you can click on a page event to see the company-level data that Clearbit returned for a visitor’s IP address.

Here are some examples of person-level data in Segment. You can see their role, seniority level, time zone, and even social media handles.

Clearbit person data in Segment

Here are some sample company data points, including web domain, industry, company description, year founded, location, and social media profiles.

Clearbit company data in Segment

In these examples, traits from Clearbit start with “clearbit_” to ensure they don’t conflict with or overwrite your other traits. In your Clearbit account, you can change and customize Clearbit’s mapping names and which Clearbit attributes are sent to Segment.

Now that Clearbit data appears in Segment as your own, you can start sending it to other tools Segment is integrated with.

3. Use enriched data in your reporting and analytics tools for a better understanding of your customers

Next, turn your analytics platform or data warehouse into a single source of truth to unlock new ways to understand your customers and leads (e.g., Redshift, Mixpanel, Amplitude, etc.).

For example, you can:

  • Slice and dice your customers based on your new Clearbit attributes and identify your best users. For example, Segment will collect data on which of your customers have the highest product engagement. You might look for patterns in Clearbit role data and notice that designers and marketers use your tool more than engineers and PMs do.
  • Run queries that are more flexible and accurate, using your new Clearbit person and company attributes as parameters.
  • Create rich reports about your customers that reflect the technologies they use, their ARR, how much VC funding they have, their geography, and more.
  • Get a single, comprehensive view of every new person who signs up for your free trial, combining the actions they take across all your properties (picked up by Segment) with their role, seniority level, contact information, and company data (supplied by Clearbit).
  • Classify each new signup into a buyer or user persona based on their team and seniority level.
  • Compare conversion rates by industry and see which types of web pages and marketing emails each group interacts with the most before converting.

Understanding your leads and customers is just the beginning. You can also send your Segment and Clearbit data to other marketing, sales, and product tools (see integrations here). Automate your ops workflows and personalize your touchpoints, including ads, website messaging, in-product pop-ups, chat, email, and more.

For inspiration on how to use your Segment and Clearbit data, check out Segment’s guides on how to personalize pricing and personalize your lifecycle email campaigns.


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