Using your data to build a better buyer’s journey

Chapter 5

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Using your data to build a better buyer’s journey

Having a solid data foundation is the first piece in the revenue-driven marketing puzzle, but to drive scalable growth, you need to be able to activate that data across the channels you depend on like ads, your website, and more. Asking the right questions will help you understand how various market intelligence solutions approach data activation.

We’ve organized the following questions into three categories – create demand, capture intent, and convert pipeline. Utilizing this framework enables you to see how the vendors you are evaluating can help you activate your ICP throughout the funnel.

Questions to ask about how to use market intelligence software

Create demand

The buyer’s journey starts with creating demand. Ask questions that help you understand how the data provided will enable you to scale your acquisition programs. The goal is to drive scalable and efficient growth, which is more difficult in a world of rising CAC and increased competition.

create demand
Tim Davidson, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Directive Consulting, uses Clearbit’s extensive dataset of 44 million companies and 350 million contacts to create and launch extremely targeted Facebook campaigns that reach his ideal customers (CMOs, CROs, VPs of Marketing, VPs of Demand Gen, and Managers and Directors of Digital Marketing at B2B SaaS companies). Running these hyper-targeted campaigns lowered the team’s cost per opportunity by 63% compared to LinkedIn sponsored content. Learn more about how Tim and leaders at RStudio and Lattice scale their acquisition programs with Clearbit.

Capture intent

The buyer’s journey continues by capturing intent. You’ve done the work to get prospects to your website, now it’s time to drive more conversions. Ask your market intelligence provider how they support their customers in increasing website conversions.

capture intent
The Livestorm team uses Clearbit to identify accounts that match their ICP from anonymous website visitors and segment the journey based on different firmographic criteria like industry and company size. Using this robust data and intel, the team then builds personalized website experiences in Mutiny. Using a combination of Clearbit and Mutiny, the Livestorm team improved homepage conversions by 30%. Learn how to drive more website conversions with Clearbit and Mutiny.

Convert pipeline

Once you’ve brought visitors to your site and captured their intent, it’s time to convert that interest to pipeline. Ask marketing intelligence solutions how you can use the data to efficiently run processes that help feed other teams like sales and CS with the information they need to close more deals.

convert pipeline
Segment receives a high volume of inbound leads. They needed a way to group and prioritize leads so that the sales team could focus on closing deals, not sifting through data and conducting research. Using Clearbit, the Segment team was able to enrich prospect information, feed this information to their lead scoring system, filter out low quality leads, and deliver the sales team high-quality leads with relevant context. Doing so saved the sales team 15 hours a week, time that can now be spent on generating revenue. Learn how to build a B2B SaaS lead qualification system that drives revenue.

Hopefully now you feel prepared to conduct research on market intelligence solutions, speak with vendors, and make an informed decision. The process can be overwhelming, but if you come prepared with your business and technology requirements and ask the right questions, you’ll be set up for success.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet on what we covered:

quick cheat sheet

Once you’ve selected your market intelligence provider and have your data foundation in place, you’ll be on your way to building personalized journeys that drive revenue.

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