Chapter 4

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Evaluate data accuracy and availability

Once you have identified that the market intelligence provider will integrate with your current stack and what the setup process looks like, it’s time to look one layer deeper. The next step is to understand the ins and outs of the data provided.

Reliable fit and intent data are foundational to any go-to-market strategy. To activate your ICP, you must enrich your source of truth with automatic, accurate, and fresh data, and then use this data to create personalized buyer experiences.

Let’s take a look at what questions you should ask and why they are important.

Questions to ask when evaluating data accuracy and availability for market intelligence software

Fit data sourcing and quality

The power of market intelligence solutions lies in the data foundation. Use this as an opportunity to understand if the fit data provided is top-notch, and has the right breadth of information for your organization specifically.

Fit data sourcing and quality

Intent data sourcing and quality

Similar to evaluating fit data, you want to dive deeper into the type and quality of intent data provided.

intent data sourcing and quality

Privacy policies

Data and privacy go hand-in-hand. While it is often a confusing topic, it’s an important part of the conversation. Ensure the solution you are evaluating offers a robust privacy policy, including region-specific considerations like CCPA and GDPR, depending on where your business operates.

privacy policies

The Standard in B2B Data

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