Tech Tags v2

Being able to detect the kind of products and technologies your customers are using is a crucial aspect to understanding them, segmenting them, and ultimately selling to them. Our Enrichment API has always returned a what we call Tech Tags, a list of technologies we detect a company using.

Today those just got a whole lot better:

  1. New tracking and detection system that lets us more accurately and widely detect tags. This includes detecting javascript variables, CNAME resolution, and SenderID records. We've already seen this increase our coverage on certain tags by over 30%!

  2. 130 new technologies added to our trackers. These include Tealium, Visual Website Optimizer, Outbrain, Taboola, and many others. Full list here.

Great news if you're an API or Salesforce customer, these new tags are already being added to your records. No updates needed on your end.

This technographic profile can be super helpful for both sales targeting, and communication personalization. For example, we dog-food this data internally by sending super targeted onboarding emails to anyone signing up to Clearbit we detect using one of our native integrations, such as Segment:


As always, if you're interested in adding this data to your CRM or internal systems - just give us a shout. You can also request additional technologies here.