Rack, CSV streaming, and Ruby's Enumerator

Engineeringby Alex MacCaw on September 22, 2014

When a response body to a HTTP request gets big it's a good idea to stream it. A classic example of this is a CSV download--while you might get away without streaming for smaller response bodies as soon as the CSV file size is over a few megabytes you're going to see timeouts and performance issues. We saw some of these issues with Mailmatch [], and I'm going to take you through how we solved these by adding streaming support to our CSV downloads. Note that this tutorial is f

Streaming and more

Engineeringby Alex MacCaw on September 19, 2014

We're excited to announce some new API features based on some of the feedback we've received from our customers. Streaming Some of our endpoints respond asynchronously. For example, when we look up an email, if we haven't cached the lookup, we'll need to go out and search our indexes. This can take in the region of five to ten seconds. If we have to respond to a lookup asynchronously then we'll return a HTTP status 202 code and ask you to either retry the request later or use our webhook API [

Person & Company lookup

Featuresby Alex MacCaw on August 18, 2014

I'm excited to announce the launch of two new APIs into our private beta: * Person API: Find all the social information associated with an email address, such as name, Twitter handle, Facebook handle and LinkedIn handles. * Company API: Find all the company information associated with a domain name, such as name, amount raised, employee count, and Twitter handle. Let's dive straight in and see what a Person lookup request looks like. Looking up an email address O

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