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80% increase in industry categorization coverage

Engineering by Matt Sornson on

When we launched company categories (late last spring), they covered ~30% of companies. We could generate categories for most public companies and a good portion of highly visible private companies as well. Customers quickly started using them for signup routing, lead scoring, and segmentation analysis. All powerful use cases that  Read more

A quick way to increase data accuracy by 12% or more

Engineering by Alex MacCaw on

One thing that makes Clearbit's Enrichment API so helpful is that you don't need anything more than an email address to get rich data about a person and the company where she or he works. But, many of our customers already know a thing or two about their users, such  Read more

Dealing with Deprecating APIs

Engineering by Alex MacCaw on

From time to time we have to make backwards incompatible changes to our APIs. To make sure everything keeps working for our customers we have a date based API versioning system which works pretty well. However, this does mean that at any point in time we have a lot of  Read more

Discovery API

Engineering by Matt Sornson on

Today we are very excited to introduce our latest API--Discovery. Traditionally finding new leads is a long and painfully tedious part of a company's sales cycle. Manually building lists and endlessly trawling LinkedIn almost defines today's Sales Development Reps (SDR) role. Our new Discovery API enables you to quickly target  Read more

Docker & CoreOS - Part 2

Engineering Company by Rob Holland on

In Part 1 of this series we gave you an overview of the deployment process at Clearbit. In this post I'm going to talk about our how we use fleet to run our services. Note: We use Amazon's EC2 system. In this article when I refer to a machine I'm  Read more