Clearbit for Marketo

Clearbit for Marketo

April 11, 2018

Here at Clearbit we've built a lot of integrations for sales. Clearbit for Salesforce, Connect, and even our Salesforce Lite Extension. Today we're excited to announce our first integration that's purpose-built for marketing teams!

Our brand new Marketo Connector.

Adding Enrichment data to Marketo gives you over 100 new data points on every lead. Data that can be used for everything from increasing form conversion, providing better leads to sales, writing highly personalized emails at scale, and even knowing when your buyer changes jobs.


Shorter lead forms

Every marketer knows that shorter leads forms have higher conversion rates. The trade off however, is having less information about your leads. With Enrichment in Marketo, you can have the best of both worlds. Short forms and a full profile for every lead.

Consistent lead scoring and routing

The most important factors for lead scoring and routing are data consistency and accuracy. Enrichment consistently provides accurate employee count, industry, and many more attributes on every lead, letting you score and properly route more leads.

Hyper personalized drip emails

More data gives you opportunities to personalize and humanize your email campaigns. Role based welcome emails, or technology based cross-sell campaigns become simple with Enrichment.

Always up-to-date leads

Some percentage of the data in any Marketo database is stale. Every month ~60,000 companies in the US will move to a new address, and ~122,000 executives will change jobs. Clearbit for Marketo automatically refreshes every record once every 30 days with the latest Enrichment data. This includes attributes that alert you when an email address is no longer in use or starts bouncing.

Consistent and accurate data improves every marketing activity, resulting in increased conversion rates, consistent lead management, next level personalization, and better monitoring of data changes.

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