Segment: the best way to use enrichment

Segment: the best way to use enrichment

November 14, 2016

Clearbit exists to bring unique insight and customer understanding to your business. Our APIs and integrations are designed to make it as easy as possible for anyone to enrich their existing customer data and learn more about the people that are using their products.

Today we're taking that idea of easy to a whole new level. We are super excited to be the launch partner for the Segment Enrichment category and announce our Segment integration. Now you can connect Clearbit seamlessly to over 180 other tools and enrich, well, everything.

With Segment as your data hub, you can pass Clearbit-enriched profiles to your analytics, CRM, email marketing, customer success, livechat tools and more. Segmentation, targeting, and personalization are all immediately available in anything Segment can talk to.

To give you an idea of what's possible, here are just three of the hundreds of options now at your fingertips.

Build data-driven customer profiles

With your analytics tools you can find which actions drive retention, conversion, and engagement and get a deeper understanding of your customers. By Integrating Clearbit and adding enrichment into the mix, you can drill down even further, creating fully-fleshed out customer profiles and building segments with demographic and firmographic data. These profiles then describe not only who your customers are, but also exactly how they are using your product.


If you are using web and mobile analytics platform Amplitude for your analytics, you can track behavioral cohorts to see which actions correlate with higher retention rates in your product.

By using Clearbit enriched fields to segment further, you can break down these cohorts and see what works for particular customer profiles.

In this example, we can see how customers in different industries respond to onboarding, and how this affects retention:


You can quickly see that the onboarding process is working well for internet software companies, but is failing media companies. This means that either the onboarding needs to be tailored to meet media folks needs or, even better, separate onboarding should be created for each target industry.

Then you can use enrichment again (through Segment) with personalization tools such as Appcues or Chameleon in the onboarding process to show each persona tailored content specific to their use-case or industry.

Nurture leads depending on their seniority

Enriching leads means that you can get your message, offers, and content to the right people at the right time. Connecting Clearbit to Inbound marketing tool HubSpot through Segment allows you to do exactly that. It gives you the information you need to target high-value leads.


Once you have enabled both the Clearbit and HubSpot integrations in Segment, you then need to add custom Contact properties for your leads so that HubSpot can accept the Clearbit enrichment data. Each of your leads' properties will then have fields enriched with Clearbit:


From there, it is up to you which property you use to segment leads for different marketing campaigns:

  • Seniority: Precisely target executives within your target customers, reaching out to the CEOs and VPs with particular content for them.
  • Industry: B2B companies will want different features and offerings than B2C companies. You can segment here and develop entirely separate marketing campaigns for the different fields.
  • Funding: If a company is funded, you can send more information about your higher-tiered plans as they will be looking to expand.

You can find out more about how to set up the Clearbit and HubSpot Segment integration here.

Target drip campaigns based on role

Targeted drip campaigns are a typical use-case for Clearbit, and one of the best ways to dynamically use data to improve customer experiences.

By combining Clearbit and within Segment, it becomes incredibly simple to pipe all your enriched users into


One technique we use internally is to use the role attribute from our enrichment API. This allows us to send different drip campaigns to different types of customers. For us this means unique welcome emails to sales, marketing, and engineering personas.

This is exactly what we do when new users sign up for Clearbit. The email on the left goes to developers, the one on the right to marketers. Each speaks only to that type of customer and shows them how they can use Clearbit best in their role.

The identify call is the backbone of the Clearbit Segment integration. This call assigns a unique user ID to each new user so that you can easily track them as they move around your product, and the returned payload is what is enriched by Clearbit.

If you call identify when a new user signs up, you can automatically send enrich attributes to, ready to be used as segmentation parameters for your campaigns:

We use role, but you could segment on industry, seniority, company size, or across dozens of other attributes.

You can find out more about how to set up the Clearbit and Segment integration here.


We are really proud to be launching the Enrichment category with Segment. This integration is important, because it brings us closer to some of the best tools on the market, and it ultimately means that our data will help even more companies to reach their customers and expand upon the relationships that they already have. You can find the full list of avaliable integrations here.

We hope you'll be able to use Clearbit + Segment to improve your targeting, your data, and your customer experience in the next few weeks!

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