Clearbit <3 Slack

Clean beautiful customer data. Now in Slack.

We use Slack as our go-to team communication platform. For us it trumps email, phone, and often in-person meetings. We just love the openness and async nature of it.

Since we're already spending so much time in Slack it made sense to take some of our notification emails and pipe them into Slack.

Historically when a customer signed up for a free trial we'd push the data to and send out an automated email to the team. As the volume of signups continues to grow the amount of email from signup notifications has become unsustainable.

To clean up the overflowing inbox while continuing to give the team visibility on signups, we've created the Clearbit Slack Notifier which pushes lead data into our #signups channel.

It's been a fantastic way keep up with signups in an asynchronous fashion while leveraging the power of Clearbit data to give visibility on who's using our platform.

It's been so successful for us that we thought others would benefit too, and put together a shiny new gem. Check it out on Github and take it for a spin. We'd love to hear what you think!

Thanks again to John Sheehan and his Tweet that inspired the integration.