Reveal: Shine New Light on Anonymous Web Traffic

Reveal: Shine New Light on Anonymous Web Traffic

September 14, 2016

I'm excited to share Reveal, a new product that delivers company data based on an IP address, effectively allowing customers to de-anonymize web traffic.

Powering Reveal is a completely unique and dynamic dataset. Traditionally, IP-to-Company applications have been limited to large companies who own their IP blocks. With our new dataset however, we've also been able to effectively triangulate small private company IPs as well. Companies that until now, have been hidden behind internet service providers like Comcast or Webpass.

Combine that proprietary IP address dataset with our 50+ company enrichment attributes, ranging from market vertical to size to their tech stack, and you have an unprecedented insight into what would otherwise be anonymous site traffic.


We've been tuning Reveal for months with the help of 40+ pre-release customers. It has been battle-tested across high-traffic websites like Slack and Zendesk, and we're confident in declaring it as a best-in-class solution.

"We benchmarked a number of existing services that can match IP addresses to company name, and Reveal helped us to identify 11x the anonymous traffic that any of the others returned. Given the sheer amount of traffic that we receive at, any incremental improvement — let alone an order of magnitude improvement — can have a huge impact on pushing conversion rates higher.”

Paul Godfrey, Director of Growth Engineering at Zendesk

Clearbit Reveal is both prepackaged within Google Analytics and is available via API. With this toolset, marketers can:

At Clearbit, we believe that the personalized web experience is the future of marketing - having the most context about your customers and customizing their experience at every interaction improves the journey for both the buyer and seller.

Reveal is one of our most powerful solutions yet, and we're incredibly excited to help you start using it!

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