Open Graph Logo spec

When we initially launched the free company logo API in June it got quite the reception, trending #1 on Product Hunt and Hacker News for the day. Since then we've served up over 30 million logos and had incredible companies like Segment and Marketo integrate it directly into their products.

<img src="//" />

We've been hard at work improving the API, data quality, and coverage. Today I'm happy to announce a new update.

Open Graph spec

When trying to determine a company's logo we'll use signals like their Twitter or Facebook accounts. However this doesn't offer much flexibility, and some companies use entirely different images as their social-media avatars.

So we'd like to propose a new Open Graph spec for specifying your company's logo. Our hope is that by popularizing this approach we can make a decentralized system for resolving logos.

To specify which image you want used as your logo, add this meta tag to your bare domain's homepage.

<meta property="og:logo" content="/logo.png" />

You can also specify multiple sizes of the logo:

<meta property="og:logo" content="/logo.png" size="150x150" />
<meta property="og:logo" content="/logo.png" size="250x250" />
<meta property="og:logo" content="/logo.png" size="500x500" />

Clearbit looks for this tag and will prioritize it over other logos we find.

We're always trying to improve our APIs, so if you've any suggestions come join us in the Slack room. Or even better come work with us!