Meet Robin Spencer, COO

Meet Robin Spencer, COO

February 14, 2020

Clearbit COO Robin Spencer photo

Robin Spencer believes the most effective way to build a company is to focus on building teams. She joined Clearbit in November 2019 as COO and leads the Finance, Legal, People, and Facilities teams, which together aim to create the best environment to work and grow.

She blogs regularly about emotions, team development, and changing systems.

Get to know Robin:

Favorite food:
Roasted sweet potatoes

What do you do for fun?
Being outdoors and I am trying to get back into painting.

What are three things still left on your bucket list?
I have a lot more than three, but first I’d probably say to be on Chef's Table.

Favorite karaoke song:
The reality is ... I’m really bad at karaoke.

What is something you recently read or watched that you liked?
The California Sunday Magazine

Favorite books:
The Alchemist

Favorite places you've visited:

What's your approach to resolving conflicts?
Five rules I aim to follow (borrowed from Heart of the Fight):

  1. No one gets more than 50% of the blame
  2. Everyone takes 100% personal responsibility for their satisfaction in the outcome
  3. Express and agree with the truth
  4. Fight FOR what you want to create, not against what you don't want
  5. Assume goodwill.

Why Clearbit?
When a company figures out how teams of people can work most effectively together, businesses can really grow. Clearbit lives by that value. I’ve never met a team that is so curious and committed to learning. I’m psyched to be part of the next stage and learning alongside everyone while doing it.

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