Announcing Mailmatch

Announcing Mailmatch

September 21, 2014

We're excited to announce Mailmatch, a service for getting social data from your email lists.

Simply upload an email list, either by pasting a bunch of emails or by using our Mailchimp integration, and we'll search publicly available information from all over the social web to augment your email marketing list with Facebook handles, Twitter followers and much more.

As well as the information below, we also offer a CSV download containing many more attributes such as additional social profiles, company information, and job title.

All the data is backed by Clearbit's APIs. If you'd rather process email lists on a continuing basis than in batch, we suggest integrating with Clearbit's APIs instead.

Introducing Clearbit Traffic Rank

Productby Alejandra Cabrera on February 01, 2023

Today we're excited to introduce Clearbit Traffic Rank, an aggregated metric designed to replace Alexa Rank. Read more.

Company Name to Domain API

Productby Alex MacCaw on November 29, 2022

[Updated] Originally posted on January 2, 2021 Clearbit's Name to Domain API takes a company name and returns their website domain and logo. It's free, up to 50k requests a month. The only requirement is a free Clearbit account. Sign up for your free Clearbit account here. [] At Clearbit, we believe that domain name is the new company identifier, and require a domain name to kick off our enrichment process. Unlike company names, there can only be one domain name. T

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