Clearbit <3 Blockspring

Clearbit <3 Blockspring

July 28, 2015

In the 9 months since we released our Google Sheets add-on, we have had tons of positive feedback. After the exclamations of how mind-blowingly awesome it was. The first question was. Can I use this in Excel?

As of last week, we can finally say yes!

We have partnered with Blockspring to bring our APIs to spreadsheets everywhere.

Blockspring is an new platform that lets you access all your favorite APIs and web services via spreadsheet. They have an Excel integration as well as a Google Sheets add-on. Both of which support their library of over 1000 functions! Simply put, Blockspring gives you the ability to create spreadsheet scripts without a line of code.

So what does this mean for Clearbit users? First and foremost, it means you can now run Clearbit queries from Excel.

Even more interesting, with Blockspring you can combine Clearbit with dozens of other APIs and services. These mashups are easy to setup and can be super powerful.

Ex: Sinatra - Here we are pulling the top 10 contributors.

Then we run the returned email addresses through out person API .

We're currently using this to source people we might want to work with : )

We are pretty excited about the integration and are looking forward to seeing what people can do with it. We will be sharing any other cool mashups we come up with here.

The all new Clearbit. Rebuilt with AI and free to try.

Companyby Matt Sornson on September 06, 2023

In the last 4 months we’ve gone AI Native and shipped over 100 improvements to these datasets. With LLMs and some data black magic we've significantly increased our coverage and accuracy, and released a few all-new attributes.

Our promise to be the best in B2B data

Companyby Matt Sornson on July 11, 2023

Clearbit Global Coverage – delivering on our promise to be the best in B2B data. International coverage on companies, contact, and buying intent. Millions of new companies, 250M new contacts, and so much more.

The Standard in B2B Data

Now reinvented with Artificial Intelligence—Clearbit is the first AI Native Data Provider. Enrich your records, reveal buying intent, and connect with your ideal customers.