Turn anonymous web traffic into opportunities

Instantly identify who’s on your site, serve targeted content, and close more named accounts.

Know who’s visiting your site

It’s easy to identify a site visitor’s IP address, but it’s like having a fingerprint — unless you know who it belongs to, it’s not much help. That’s where Clearbit Reveal comes in. Now, you can instantly match IP addresses with company names, and see full company datasets for all site visitors.

Data that’s never out of date

Unlike static lists, Clearbit sources data in real time. So even if a company's IP address changes, you’ll always have accurate information about your site visitors.

Identify companies of any size

While other providers identify traffic from large companies with public IP addresses, Clearbit can return details for any company — from enterprise to SMB.

Over 85 unique data points

Reveal doesn’t just return a company name. It turns your anonymous web traffic into a full company dataset — complete with industry, employee count, funding details, and much more.

Employee count

Social profiles

Total raised

Company location

Company sector

Tech detection

Get alerts for named accounts

Real-time activity alerts let you know when key accounts visit your site — even if they haven't identified themselves. Start the conversation when you're top of mind, and turn those named accounts into paying customers.

Clearbit Reveal for Account Based Marketing
Clearbit Reveal for Segmentation

Personalize everything

Why run the same content for everyone? You can segment site visitors by company size, industry, location, and more — then display custom content based on the segment.

Imagine the conversion opportunities when your landing pages, ads, and outbound emails highlight how you meet each customer’s unique needs.

Optimize your ad spend

It's easy to identify your most effective ad campaigns when you know which companies respond to which ads. Clearbit Reveal helps you stay focused on effective advertising channels and discontinue the rest.

Clearbit Reveal for Marketing Attribution
Clearbit Reveal for Remarketing

Rethink retargeting

With traditional retargeting, it’s hard to know a lot about your audience. Marketing teams often serve a broad message and hope for the best.

But with Clearbit Reveal, that’s no longer the case. Since you’ll know each site visitor’s industry, company size, and more — you can serve ads that speak to each potential customer.

Reveal API starts at $2,000/mo (paid annually)

Reveal for Google Analytics starts at $1,000/mo (paid annually)

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The level of detail and number of contacts available through Clearbit Prospector was greater than any of the other tools we considered.

Arvind Ramesh
Sales Operations, Intercom

Clearbit data has been immensely helpful in identifying which leads within Salesforce we want to focus on. In addition, the support from the team at Clearbit has been incredible!

Taylor Oliver
Director of Sales, Flexport

Clearbit is by far the most flexible data enrichment solution I have come across to date.

Dexter Hart
Marketing Operations, Uber

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