Chapter 6

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Turning buyer intent into pipeline

To stand out in a crowded market and generate conversions at scale, website personalization is a must.

Hopefully, now you’re feeling confident and ready to execute a successful website personalization strategy. As a quick reminder, start with the foundation — understand your web traffic, define your goals, identify your target audience, and ensure you have the right technology in place (this is outlined in chapter 1). Then, once you have those pieces in place is it time to take the next steps of identifying visiting companies, changing the website experience, and measuring and iterating (check out chapter 2 for more information).

While driving intent and conversions is a key step, the buyer journey doesn’t end there. Go-to-market teams must then focus their efforts on turning that interest into pipeline.

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For website visitors showing intent on your website, but who have not yet converted, we recommend building an intent-based outreach strategy. Intent-based outreach is a way to build pipeline from your website by using company data and intent signals to engage the right people from the right companies at the right time. Using the foundation you’ve already built to identify visiting companies in your ICP who are showing intent on your website, you can trigger alerts to notify your sales team in real-time. This enables your sales team to reach out with relevant and timely messages.

For website visitors who have converted as a result of your website personalization efforts, the journey doesn’t end there. Enable your sales team with relevant content and context on what that visitor did on your website and where they converted. Using a tool like Clearbit Enrichment, you can provide sales with extensive firmographic and technographic profiles for faster outreach. Depending on the conversion point, it may also make sense to add this audience to an ongoing nurture stream or retargeting campaign so you can continue to share related resources.

With these efforts in place, you’ll be driving conversions and creating pipeline in no time.

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