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Build and scale data-powered products with Clearbit's complete and compliant data, lightning-fast RESTful APIs, and flexible pricing model.


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Complete and compliant data

Inform and personalize your products with 100+ firmographic and technographic attributes for every company with a website. Build with confidence knowing Clearbit takes CCPA and GDPR compliance seriously.

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Flexible, lightning-fast APIs

Clearbit's RESTful APIs are fast and easy to implement. Millisecond API response times and flexible scaling options, including automated child-key provisioning, mean you never have to worry about Clearbit slowing you down.

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Predictable pricing

Avoid unpredictable data costs with our simple pricing options. Powered by Clearbit lets you start small — with free data credits — and expand as your business grows.

Enable Clearbit on Demand
  • Automatically provision API keys for end users
  • Easily track data usage and control costs
  • Enable end users to purchase additional API calls with a credit card
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"Clearbit brings the magic — Clearbit Reveal allows us to give every prospective customer an incredible ‘ah-ha’ moment, which sets our user experience apart from competitors. By offering generous data credits to our shared customers and a seamless API integration, we are able to help our customers get up and running quickly with Koala. Then, Clearbit's On-Demand pricing model scales with our customers as they grow."

Tido Carriero

CEO at Koala

Tido Carriero

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Frequently asked questions

  • What APIs are available to Powered by Clearbit customers?

    Clearbit's Enrichment and Reveal APIs are available to Powered by Clearbit customers. The Enrichment API unlocks access to more than 50 million companies, each with 100+ reliable firmographic and technographic attributes. The Reveal API uses real-time IP intelligence to automatically identify any company visiting a website or app.

    View our API documentation for more details.

  • How much does it cost to get started?

    Powered by Clearbit customers get free data credits for all of their customers. Additional data is available on-demand via Clearbit's billing portal.

    Speak with a member of our team to learn more about pricing models and options.

  • Why is your company data better than other providers?

    Breadth: With over 100+ firmographic, demographic, & technographic attributes for every company with a website — our data gives you the full picture.

    Accuracy: Our company data coverage is reliable across your entire target market, even for smaller businesses. And our IP intelligence is the best available.

    Freshness: Machine learning and highly-trained QA turns billions of signals into real-time intelligence. Data points can be refreshed in your product experience as often as you would like.

    Learn more about Clearbit's data.