Clearbit release notes

April 25, 2023

Introducing Clearbit ChatGPT Plugin: Now in Beta

Introducing Clearbit ChatGPT Plugin: Now in Beta

We are excited to announce the launch of the beta version of Clearbit's new ChatGPT Plugin, which brings the power of Clearbit's data enrichment capabilities to the ChatGPT platform. Now, sales, marketing, and operations professionals can access Clearbit's IP Intelligence, Enrichment, and Prospecting features directly from ChatGPT. 

With the ChatGPT Plugin, you can combine Clearbit’s accurate data with context from GPT to build next-level GTM workflows. This allows you to take advantage of deeper attributes to route leads, shorten forms, and personalize your site. 

Our plugin also provides more granular lead scoring and routing, more targeted and personalized outreach, and a host of other benefits that can help you grow your business. Plus, we're the only enrichment provider integrating with ChatGPT today, so you won't find this level of functionality anywhere else. 

Sign up to join the waitlist for our ChatGPT Plugin Beta today and start building your growth workflows with Clearbit's trusted and validated data.

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Integration: Clearbit's Weekly Visitor Report WordPress Plugin enables WordPress users to quickly and easily get set up on the WVR, see who's visiting their WP site for free, prioritize outbound sales, notify sales of high-intent activity from key accounts, and understand traffic quality without needing to touch any code or engage developers.

  • Improvement: Clearbit's latest product enhancement is an AI-powered company categorization system that accurately applies 6 digit NAICS and 4 digit SIC codes to any company in the world based on a company description in any language, enabling our customers to better understand and target their ideal markets.

  • Improvement: The Help Center article on syncing data to GA4 using Google Tag Manager has been updated, offering a faster and easier direct integration option. Customers may still choose to sync data through Google Tag Manager for consent control and centralized syncs, with setup made easier by an import file and implementation time expected to decrease significantly.

  • Improvement: Enhanced Logo API to block office building photos from Wikipedia to exclude them from search results.

  • Improvement: Enhanced bulk data ingestion performance from Salesforce.

  • Fix: Resolved Salesforce sync issue on the Clearbit Platform related to referencing an older connection.

  • Fix: Addressed source of intermittent UI error on the Clearbit Platform Company tab and Homepage.