Company Tech Tags

I'm happy to announce we've released a new data attribute for our Company API - technology tags. These tags represent the technology stack and products used by a company.

This can be quite handy. We love instantly knowing whether a new signup comes from a business that already leverages cloud technology or not. In addition, it helps us be more targeted with messaging as to our prebuilt integrations (ex. someone uses Salesforce).

For example the tech tags for show us they're using Mailgun and Google Apps to send email and are hosting on EC2.

  "tech": [

You can find a full list of the technologies we index here

How this works

Behind the scenes we have a huge cluster constantly crawling the web and looking for specific scripts, HTML, and DNS entries that indicate a particular technology is being used. Not all technologies can be detected, but our coverage includes most analytics, marketing services, and email services. We're constantly re-crawling so our coverage is never older than 30 days.

We will be adding to this tech matching ruleset--if there's something specific you'd like to see that we've missed let us know.