How Synap levels up their CRM with Clearbit Enrichment

Behind every successful product is a series of delightful experiences for users. While some are core to the actual value prop of the product, others are as simple as playful copy or design.

For example, when you’re about to send a Mailchimp campaign, they show you their mascot’s sweating finger hovering over a big red button:

Maybe something fun like this fits with your product and your brand, or maybe not. But moments of delight come in all shapes and sizes, and we recently spotted one in Synap’s product that seemed worth sharing.

Synap is a collaborative CRM product that automatically organizes your company’s customer interactions – across support tickets, emails, shared files, and messages – in one place. So, they’re painting a picture of your customer based on interactions, but often have little beyond an email address to show you who that customer really is.

Michael Boeke, Co-founder & Head of Product at Synap didn’t want to start from scratch with data – as he knows that’s an uphill battle that many enterprise tools have failed to climb.

“One of the main reasons a lot of CRM systems (and other enterprise software) fail to get traction with a lot of teams, is that they never complete a full implementation,” Boeke said. “There's no reason for users to go there until someone uploads customer data from another source, but that's a time-consuming and costly project that someone has to complete.“

Enter Clearbit.

With the Clearbit Enrichment API, Synap can turn email addresses into well-rounded company and individual profiles on the fly. See the difference between the Synap dashboard with and without Clearbit data:

In Synap’s case, this is hugely valuable for their users who are trying to better serve and understand customers. “It helps us bootstrap a CRM implementation”, Boeke said. “It's a little bit of magic for our users, and Clearbit's fantastic API is essential to the experience.”

Whether you're doing lead qualification, ad targeting, email segmentation, or an integration into your product, enriching the data behind an email address is always helpful.

Adding this data to enterprise products like Synap always makes sense, and we’ve also seen it add value in consumer apps, like GrowthHackers. Now instead of bare-bones profiles, each user has a rich profile with links and a bio:


Could enriched data help create a delightful experience for your users? Check out the Clearbit Enrichment overview and documentation to get started.

As always, we'd love to hear how you're using Clearbit: & @clearbit