Discovery API

Today we are very excited to introduce our latest API--Discovery.

Traditionally finding new leads is a long and painfully tedious part of a company's sales cycle. Manually building lists and endlessly trawling LinkedIn almost defines today's Sales Development Reps (SDR) role.

Our new Discovery API enables you to quickly target companies based on a wide set of parameters. Finding companies who have 100+ employees, are in the Professional Services Industry, and use Newrelic, can now be accomplished with a single API call.

The Discovery API has been in closed Beta for the last 2 months, and we've had a few dozen companies helping us make it hum. They have been using it some pretty cool ways.

Automated list building

Headed to Dreamforce this week?

Find every company who uses tech:Salesforce, has funds raised:5000000~, and is from your town, say location:Boston.

Targeting similar companies to existing customers

Run all your existing customers through Discovery and use a similar query to find look-alike companies. Essentially creating a list of your customer's competitors. This powered our most effective outbound campaign to date.

Turning a company name into a domain and fully enriched profile

Go from a list of company (account) names in your CRM to having fully flushed out account profiles, with firmographic and social data.

Available now

Getting started with the Discovery API is simple, and the best news is that we're giving everyone 200 results each for free. See for more information.