How CRM Enrichment Boosts Sales Reporting and Closes Deals Faster

How CRM Enrichment Boosts Sales Reporting and Closes Deals Faster

September 27, 2018

Every B2B SaaS sales rep knows the mad scramble for context before a call with a potential customer. They pull up the contact’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles. While the client’s website loads slowly, they move onto the company’s Crunchbase listing and a search for the number of employees. The screen becomes a sea of browser tabs all to answer one simple question: is this lead worth selling to?

It’s a slow, laborious process that wastes talent and time.

Reps get stuck doing this research because a lead’s Salesforce record usually only shows the name, email, and company entered into a signup form. If the lead is unqualified, they've wasted their time. If the lead is good, there’s more manual work in store, because now they need to copy and paste each piece of information into Salesforce. And everything becomes useless as soon as a lead’s data decays.

Clearbit’s automatic CRM enrichment solves these problems, pulling firmographic and demographic intel into Salesforce and then keeping that data up to date. Reps can spend more time selling, while revenue strategists and leaders get richer data from Salesforce for actionable sales reporting.

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How CRM enrichment saves reps time

Salesforce is only as good as the data you feed it. Clearbit’s Salesforce integration puts valuable information at sales reps’ fingertips, pulling in over 100 data points to round out information about contacts, leads, and accounts in Salesforce. The record will show a full set of social accounts for reps to click on, as well as firmographic data on a company’s funding, geography, size, industry, and the technology they use.


Clearbit regularly refreshes the data automatically. So even though B2B lead data decays quickly, there’s no need to update it in Salesforce by hand.

Charlie Liang, Head of Demand Gen at Heap, affirms significant time-savings after integrating Clearbit into SFDC. “It might be a few minutes of research saved per lead, but if that’s all you do, it saves you a lot of time during the day,” says Charlie. “And, the data gives you a better hit rate on that research.”

Like Heap, Segment’s sales team was spending five minutes researching each lead, so now they save hours each week because of Clearbit’s Salesforce integration. According to Ilya Volodarsky, Segment’s founder, “Clearbit's company, geo, and demographic intel enables our sales and analytics teams to function at maximum capacity. I don't know what we'd do without them.”

Sales reporting that moves the needle

Beyond rep productivity, there’s a deeper benefit: enrichment enables more insightful sales reporting.

The Clearbit integration supplies data that reps don’t consistently record and update themselves, resulting in crisper insights during EOQ pipeline reporting, closed-lost reporting, and for segmenting prospects. The integration provides drag-and-drop Salesforce report templates and charts, which then pull Clearbit data that’s natively linked to Salesforce Lead, Contact and Account records.


For example, you can run a simple report to learn the industry breakdown of your current customers, then use that to inform your ideal customer profile and prioritize your future sales and marketing efforts.

But you can go much further: Clearbit enrichment makes it possible to build a richer ICP from subtle details and more data points. In fact, it can be a living ICP that changes as your deals change and as your customers grow, thanks to the automatic data updates.

Clearbit-enriched data creates a living ideal customer profile

Segment uses Clearbit to fill in the contextual data for predictive models that identify which of their new signups are most likely to convert to a paying customer. When that happens, the sales team gets an alert so they can reach out in less than 30 minutes. Rich, current data makes these predictions more accurate and gives the sales team a head start on more accounts. “Ultimately, the information provided by Clearbit helps us prioritize and optimize our sales resources,” they write.


Knowledge is power, and you can serve your sales team lead data on a silver platter. That mad scramble before a mysterious prospect phone call will be a thing of the past.

Learn more about Clearbit Enrichment.

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