Clearbit Prospector — now in Salesforce

Clearbit Prospector — now in Salesforce

November 16, 2016

Our Prospector API recently turned one year old, and we're quite proud of how much the product has grown in that year. We've learned a few things along the way as well.

API first companies aren’t just about RESTful APIs, they’re about fully integrating into existing workflows and getting the data to where it needs to be.

On that note, we're very happy to show you our new Salesforce Prospector integration. With Salesforce Prospector you can quickly build targeted lead lists directly in Salesforce.

With Salesforce Prospector you have access to all the functionality of the Prospector API, as well as a whole set of new features specific to Salesforce.

Advanced company discovery:

Quickly build company lists based on company size, location, type, industry, market cap, or social presence.

advanced company list building in Salesforce

Account suppression:

Easily suppress your current accounts (as well as contacts and leads) to avoid creating duplicate records.

easy suppression and de-duplication in SFDC

Bulk lead and contact creation:

Quickly find contacts based on role, seniority, or exact job title. Then add them to Salesforce as leads or contacts in 1 click.

lead and contact creating and de-duplication in SFDC

Custom lead sources

Easily set a custom lead source on each import for easy segmentation, reporting, and syncing between Salesforce and your outbound system (Salesloft, Outreach, ect).

custom lead sources for your list building

Account-based Prospecting

We've also added Account-based Prospecting to our standard Enrichment widget on the account object. For those of you doing ABM, you now have an easy way to add new contacts and consensus sell to your target accounts.

account based prospecting

account based contact generation in action

The best way to use Prospector:

The Salesforce Prospector integration is the simplest and most powerful way to use Prospector. It allows you to quickly add records directly to Salesforce while automatically de-duping accounts, leads, and contacts. This way you're never charged for contacts you didn't use and you'll never pollute your CRM with duplicate records.

If you're interested in trying the new Salesforce Prospector, give us a shout ( and we can get you setup with a trial!

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