Clearbit x Gong: Driving revenue growth efficiently

Clearbit x Gong: Driving revenue growth efficiently

June 15, 2022

Today, we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Gong. Gong’s Reality Platform™, which leverages artificial intelligence to transform go-to-market teams, will soon integrate with Clearbit to enrich contacts and provide revenue teams with powerful insights and autonomous actions to close more deals faster and with less effort. The new features are expected to be available this fall.

Additionally, Clearbit is offering up to a 50% discount to all Gong customers for their first year as a new Clearbit customer — available now*.

Clearbit offers Gong customers unparalleled insight into their target market, prospects, and customers. With Gong and Clearbit, customers will be able to leverage two of the best sales and marketing intelligence platforms together to power their go-to-market motion, workflows, and insights across the customer lifecycle.

Better Together: About the Clearbit and Gong Partnership

Clearbit, alongside newly named partners, Apollo and Cognism, will provide critical prospect and customer contact data that enable go-to-market teams to connect with confidence and increase the quality of conversations. Combining this data with Gong’s Reality Platform will provide sales professionals with hundreds of millions of verified contacts at their fingertips and the intelligence necessary to understand who should be contacted and when within the context of every deal.

“Communicating with the right people at the right time leads to more meaningful, high-value conversations,” said Gong President and COO Kelly Breslin Wright. “Integrating our platform with Apollo, Clearbit, and Cognism will empower revenue teams to connect quickly and confidently with the right influencers and decision-makers to unlock more revenue.”

When a sales rep is managing a deal in Gong, the Reality Platform will automatically identify optimal contacts at an organization that should be engaged to improve the likelihood of deal success. The platform will automatically notify the sales rep, surface contact information for the prospects, and, with one click, generate a personalized email based on the context of the deal for the sales professional to send. Powered by Clearbit’s intelligence, Gong will provide customers with significantly better information about key buyers, increasing the hit rate of finding the most relevant and accurate contact.

More Value for Clearbit & Gong Customers

“The pressure for go-to-market teams to drive revenue and reduce churn is becoming increasingly apparent, particularly given today’s current economic climate,” says Clearbit Chief Strategy Officer, Robin Spencer. “That’s why we are so excited to partner with Gong. Together we enable customer-facing teams to connect and engage the right people at the right time and ultimately close more deals faster.”

New and existing Gong customers can receive up to 50% off their first year as a new Clearbit customer*. Click here to learn more about the Gong and Clearbit partnership.

The Clearbit and Gong integration will help revenue teams get more out of their tech stack and pipeline alike. As long-time Gong users ourselves, we know how valuable this partnership will be for revenue teams looking to optimize sales efficiency.

*Discount is only applicable until December, 31 2022

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