Instant Sales Alerts

Act on engagement, not at random

Trigger automated workflows to engage your best website visitors — and notify your sales team when target accounts demonstrate buying intent.

Instant Sales Alerts

Powering the world’s best B2B teams.
From next-gen startups to established enterprises.

Turn qualified traffic into sales

Uncover the accounts behind anonymous website visitors, and reach out when they're most engaged to create warmer, more relevant conversations.

Turn traffic into opportunities

Customizable rules (and full visibility) to match your business needs

Let your Customer Success reps know when an upcoming renewal is visiting the pricing page, segment visitors based on territory or company size to alert the right reps, or notify named account owners when engagement is peaking.

Sales Alerts rules and targeting

Real-time alerts that fit your team's workflow

Send an alert in Slack, Salesforce, or email with all the context that reps need to tailor conversations. No more lag or logging into multiple tools.

Sales Alerts workflows

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"Clearbit has enabled Fast to leverage intent data by providing instantaneous alerts and notifications for our sales team, allowing them to follow up and close deals more efficiently."

Tyler Yee

Performance Marketing Manager, Fast

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is sales alerts software?

    Sales alerts software enables B2B marketers and revenue teams to trigger real-time alerting for their sales or customer success teams when target or owned accounts show intent. Sales alerts are typically delivered as tasks within CRMs like Salesforce, email notifications, or automated messages via platforms like Slack. B2B companies that use sales alerts are able to drive more timely and relevant outreach.

  • What are the benefits of sales alerts software?

    Sales alerting software allows B2B companies to create more sales opportunities from their website traffic. This means improved sales pipeline and reduced cost for traffic-driving campaigns.

  • How does sales alerts software work?

    Sales alerting software consists of two primary components: targeting criteria to trigger alerts and alert management to customize the content, recipients, and destinations of the alerts. Targeting criteria is typically a combination of company, person, and website engagement attributes (e.g. executives from finance companies who visit your pricing page). Alert management ensures that you send the right reports to the right recipients, at the right time.