Conversion Tracking

Convert qualified leads at scale

Train Facebook and Google targeting algorithms with conversion data to maximize performance and minimize cost.

Enhanced Ad Performance

Powering the world’s best B2B teams.
From next-gen startups to established enterprises.

Convert the leads that matter, avoid the ones that don't

Clearbit’s enhanced conversion tracking sends quality lead signals to Facebook and Google to train their algorithms to focus on your best prospects.

Google and Facebook algorithm training

Calibrate your bids to increase deal size and maximize pipeline

Assign predictive values to every conversion, so Facebook and Google focus their bids on acquiring more qualified, high-value leads.

Paid bid calibration

Protect your conversions in a cookieless world

Cookies are going away — thanks to ad blockers and browsers — but your performance and pipeline don't have to suffer. Server-side conversion tracking removes the need for cookies so you can continue to keep conversions high.

Learn more about server-side tracking.

Protect against iOS 14.5. and ad blockers

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drop in cost per SQL

"With Clearbit, we are able to bring in ICP leads at about 1/4 of what it would cost on LinkedIn, and probably 2x the volume."


Sr. Marketing Manager, Chargebee

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ad engagement

"Clearbit is optimizing our ability to use paid channels, to personalize how we introduce our brand to prospects, and their overall experience of learning about Greenhouse. Clearbit is a secret weapon in terms of how we get to the right people."

Lauren Baideme

Director of Digital Marketing, Greenhouse

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lift in lead conversion

"Clearbit helps to strengthen Facebook to perform better with cleaner data and better targeting. It makes me feel powerful."

Yuri Daniels

Director of Performance Marketing, Zenefits

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is conversion tracking software?

    Conversion tracking software enables B2B marketers and advertisers to collect and store their conversion data (e.g. product sign-ups, demo requests, content downloads, etc.) server-side, thus eliminating any reliance on cookies. With conversion tracking software, B2B companies can also send their conversion data directly to advertising platforms. This ensures they are feeding the targeting algorithms of those platforms with accurate conversion signals.

  • What are the benefits of conversion tracking software?

    By using conversion tracking software to send accurate conversion signals to advertising platforms, B2B marketers and advertisers can more effectively find and generate high-quality conversions, manage and optimize bids, and measure attribution for smarter decision making.

  • How does conversion tracking software work?

    Conversion tracking software works by letting you define conversion events and then tying website click data to those conversion events across multiple sessions and devices. Once conversion data is collected and stored, the software automatically sends that data to advertising platforms to improve targeting algorithms.