Chapter 6

1 minutes

The next switchback in your company's climb

If, like Clearbit and Frame.io, you're facing a change in strategy or a new push to scale, then the ideal customer profile that used to work for you may no longer cut it.

Your ICP is the heart of your ability to grow efficiently. As you prioritize a new set of customers, ask yourself:

  • What kind of success is most important to your company's health now? For example, is it converting more users at all costs, no matter who? Is it increasing ACV? Minimizing churn?
  • Can you test any hunches about who your best customers might actually be? And can you challenge old assumptions about who you should market to?
  • Which of your current customers fit your current description of success? What attributes do they share?
  • Who influences the purchase decision at these companies? What roles and levels of seniority describe your product's everyday users, buyers, champions, and other stakeholders?

These questions will guide you toward a better ICP that helps you up the winding path towards Growth Mountain's summit. And when you're up there in the rarefied atmosphere, you'll be happy for some guardrails.

Want to know how big your ideal customer profile is?

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