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Transform any email or domain into a complete person or company profile with over 85 actionable data points

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Rich, real-time person & company intelligence

Send us an email or website to instantly surface actionable data points like location, job title, company size and even what technology products they use. Our industry leading match rate and data accuracy ensure you have the information you need to drive growth or power your application.

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Fresh, accurate info

Rather than maintain a static database that quickly becomes stale, we search dozens of data sources in real-time to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information.

Broad coverage

Real-time search ensures that we are never bound by the limitations of a traditional database, and that we'll be able to return data even when seeing an email or domain for the first time.

Over 85 unique data points

Enrichment transforms each new email or domain into a complete person or company profile, enriching your customer understanding, and giving your team the context necessary to take action.

Employee count

Social profiles

Job title

Total raised

Company location

Company sector

Tech detection

Pre-built integrations

Clearbit for Developers

Access millions of person and company records to build powerful features and products. Use any of our free or commercial APIs for seamless onboarding flows, automated profile generation, risk scoring algorithms, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

API response from Prospector in terminal

The level of detail and number of contacts available through Clearbit Prospector was greater than any of the other tools we considered.

Arvind Ramesh
Sales Operations, Intercom

Clearbit data has been immensely helpful in identifying which leads within Salesforce we want to focus on. In addition, the support from the team at Clearbit has been incredible!

Taylor Oliver
Director of Sales, Flexport

Clearbit is by far the most flexible data enrichment solution I have come across to date.

Dexter Hart
Marketing Operations, AdRoll

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