Clearbit vs ZoomInfo

Clearbit and ZoomInfo MarketingOS are two of the best marketing intelligence platforms available today. Both offer a range of powerful features, but Clearbit's focus on data quality and flexible activation makes it the preferred choice for go-to-market teams looking to create high-quality pipeline and optimize their sales funnel.

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Why companies choose Clearbit

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Highest-quality company data

The most accurate and up-to-date company data with 50 million company profiles and a 94% email deliverability rate.

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Supports any GTM motion

Real-time marketing intelligence that fuels targeted campaigns and drives pipeline growth for ABM, PLG, and inbound strategies.

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Faster time to value

Get up and running in just minutes with simple, no-code integrations, so you can avoid lengthy implementations and see an immediate return on investment.

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Broadly integrated

APIs and integrations make it easy to connect to any app, and webhooks transfer data dynamically across your systems without vendor lock-in risk.

ZoomInfo MarketingOS

Designed for use with Zoominfo's own RevOS Suite
Popular with outbound sales teams who use their phone numbers for prospecting
License-based pricing and strict contact terms


Integrates seamlessly with all your current – and future – MarTech stack applications
Popular with marketing and ops teams using company fit and intent to focus their funnel
Free tools and flexible pricing make it easy to start and grow with Clearbit
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Focus your funnel with Clearbit

Build a strong data foundation

Get a complete view of your customers and prospects with Clearbit data enrichment. Update and enrich your CRM or MAP with missing or outdated information, and gain insights to engage your target audience and drive revenue growth by identifying critical attributes that define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

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Create demand

Generate more demand for your business with Clearbit's powerful ad targeting and conversion tracking. Personalize ad campaigns, reduce spend, and improve performance by including or rejecting prospects based on relevant factors. Our conversion tracking integrates seamlessly with Facebook and Google to help you convert high-quality leads.

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target your icp with advertising audiences

Capture intent

Clearbit boosts lead gen with shorter, more effective forms that reduce abandonment, intent-based outreach, and advanced personalization. Identify high-fit, high-intent companies browsing your website and deliver hyper-personalized content via emails and dynamic website changes to engage qualified prospects in real-time.

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Convert pipeline

Quickly identify high-quality leads, optimize your sales funnel, and close deals faster with Clearbit's powerful lead scoring and routing solution. Our tools use real-time data to score leads based on a variety of factors and ensure that each lead is assigned to the right sales rep, maximizing your team's productivity and close rates.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do you have customers that use both Clearbit and ZoomInfo?

    Yes. ZoomInfo is known for its phone numbers and contact data, while Clearbit's company data and IP intelligence are best-in-class. Customers use both when they want to supplement their demand generation and/or outbound strategies with complementary data.

    See how customers grow faster with Clearbit.

  • How does Clearbit's data quality compare to ZoomInfo?

    Clearbit and ZoomInfo both provide high-quality data enrichment solutions. At Clearbit, we use machine learning and highly-trained QA to turn billions of signals into real-time intelligence. Our data points are refreshed as soon as a change is detected. Similarly, ZoomInfo uses AI and a team of data scientists to verify the quality of their data.

    The Workflow Pro performed a third-party analysis of Clearbit vs ZoomInfo's data enrichment solutions and found “Clearbit is the best enrichment tool overall when it comes to populating the most records and being the most accurate at populating these records.”

  • Is Clearbit's database as large as ZoomInfo?

    Clearbit's database features over 50 million company records. We take a conservative approach to how we quantify our data assets – one that focuses on quality over quantity. For example, we exclude all personal emails and combine multiple company domains into a single record. Other companies may use a different methodology to calculate the size of their databases.

    Read more about Clearbit's data.

  • Does Clearbit offer a list building tool?

    Yes, although we take a slightly different approach than other companies. We're not big fans of people 'cold-calling' our mobile phones (and suspect you aren't either). Our approach to list-building is based on helping you find key contacts at companies that have shown some intent or engagement with your business – and making sure we can provide emails with high-deliverability confidence. We call our solution Capture.

    Learn more about Clearbit Capture.

  • Where does Clearbit source its data?

    Our data assets combine over 250 public and private data sources, creating marketing intelligence from a wide variety of sources including social profiles, company websites, legal filings, crowdsourcing, plus many more.

    By dynamically weighting and scoring each data source in real time, we are able to make smart decisions about which data source to use for each attribute. We analyze billions of data points every day and turn them into standardized and usable attributes.

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