Clearbit vs 6Sense

6Sense brought ABM to the masses, but copy-pasting their approach doesn't guarantee success. You need an ABM program uniquely suited to your business. Clearbit gives you the reliable data, IP intelligence, and intent signals you need to power your strategic ABM motion — and setup takes minutes, not months

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Why companies choose Clearbit

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Plug-and-play ABM

Identify your highest-value accounts and personalize the buying experience with Clearbit and your existing CRM and MAP systems.

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Best-quality data & IP intelligence

Get the context you need to build more accurate target account lists with Clearbit's best-in-class data enrichment and IP de-anonymization.

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Flexible intent signals

Think outside the black box. Use website engagement, G2 buyer intent, and custom audiences to power more precise targeting.

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Faster time to value

See an immediate return on investment with no-code integrations that get you up and running in a matter of minutes – not months.


Pre-packaged ABM suite
Popular with outbound teams who use intent signals to inform outreach
License-based enterprise pricing
Extended implementation


Customizable platform to power your strategic ABM motion
Integrates with the marketing and sales tools you have today
Flexible pricing makes it easy to start & grow
Plug-and-play setup
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Maximize your ABM success

Build a strong data foundation

Get a complete view of your customers and prospects with Clearbit data enrichment. Based on just a company domain, you can instantly update your CRM or MAP with 100+ attributes. Gain valuable insights to engage your target accounts and drive revenue growth by identifying critical attributes that define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

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Uncover hidden intent

Know when best-fit accounts are on your site or viewing competitors on G2 and take immediate action to convert them. Let account owners know right away when prospects and customers show intent. Send real-time notifications about target accounts or customer activity via Slack, Salesforce, or email.

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Target your best accounts

Use Clearbit's 100+ firmographic and technographic attributes to segment your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and create target account lists. Our precise ad targeting makes it easy to reach the most relevant audience, leading to better engagement, higher conversion rates, and increased revenue.

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Reach out at the right time

Reveal companies browsing your website and deliver hyper-personalized content via emails and dynamic website changes to engage qualified prospects in real-time. Clearbit Capture automatically adds accounts and key buyer contacts to your CRM from best-fit companies showing intent on your website, on G2, or through other signals.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to get started?

    Clearbit offers a streamlined ABM solution that stands out from the competition. Unlike other all-in-one ABM platforms that can take months to set up and integrate with your existing systems, Clearbit can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

    This is possible thanks to our one-click native integrations with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, and marketing automation platforms like HubSpot or Marketo. These integrations allow for seamless data sharing and automation, ensuring that your ABM efforts are both effective and efficient.

    Learn more about our integrations.

  • What else can you do with Clearbit?

    Clearbit is a versatile platform that can be used beyond ABM including PLG and inbound demand generation.

    We can help companies power their PLG motion by providing valuable insights, automation, and customization that enable you to create more targeted, personalized experiences that drive user adoption and engagement.

    Clearbit helps with inbound demand generation by enriching inbound leads with valuable data, identifying high-potential leads, and enabling personalized, targeted outreach that increases engagement and conversion.

    Learn more about the Clearbit platform.

  • Can I get started for free?

    Yes! Start using Clearbit today – no contract required for the following features:

    Weekly Visitor Report: Receive a free weekly report of the companies visiting your website that includes summaries by categories like revenue and employee range.

    TAM Calculator: Calculate your Total Addressable Market for free using Clearbit's up-to-date database of 50M+ companies.

    Connect: Use the Clearbit Connect Chrome extension to quickly qualify and get emails for any company, enrich companies on the fly, and identify contacts to reach out to directly within Gmail.

    Learn more about Clearbit free tools.

  • What intent data does Clearbit provide?

    Clearbit offers customers three types of intent data:

    First-party intent data from your website using Reveal: Clearbit's Reveal product provides first-party intent data by identifying anonymous web traffic on your website. It shows you the company name and other relevant information about the visitors, allowing you to personalize your marketing and sales efforts to better engage potential customers.

    Second-party-intent from G2*: Clearbit partners with G2 to provide second-party intent data, which includes data from G2's product review platform. This data shows which companies are researching your product or service on G2 and can help you identify high-intent prospects.

    Third-party intent: Clearbit also allows you to build audiences and target accounts based on any other intent signals present in your CRM, including third-party intent providers like Bombora*. This helps you identify companies that are showing interest in your product or service but have not yet visited your website.

    Learn about intent-based outreach.

    * Subscriptions required

  • What advertising platforms can I use with Clearbit?

    Clearbit's dynamic advertising platform allows you to create targeted ad campaigns on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google. We also offer the option to power your LinkedIn ads via CSV export of company audiences.

    Read more about Clearbit Advertising.

  • How big is Clearbit's enrichment database?

    Clearbit's database features over 50 million company records. We take a conservative approach to how we quantify our data assets – one that focuses on quality over quantity. For example, we combine multiple company domains into a single record.

    Read more about Clearbit's data.

  • Where does Clearbit source its data?

    Our data assets combine over 250 public and private data sources, creating marketing intelligence from a wide variety of sources including social profiles, company websites, legal filings, crowdsourcing, plus many more.

    By dynamically weighting and scoring each data source in real time, we are able to make smart decisions about which data source to use for each attribute. We analyze billions of data points every day and turn them into standardized and usable attributes.

    For more information visit our Trust Center.


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