Clearbit release notes

September 12, 2023

The New Clearbit Data Test

The New Clearbit Data Test

Let’s dive into an exciting feature from last week’s big Clearbit release: an automated data test. 

When you enroll in your free Clearbit account and go through onboarding, you can now run the industry’s first self-serve data test. Automatically identify your ICP, run match rate and data quality analyses, and even see how much better your ICP identification could be with Clearbit. All based on a sample of your Salesforce or HubSpot records that we can automatically ingest, or from a CSV import if you prefer.

What you get from a self-serve data test:

  • Quality Snapshot: With a few clicks, you can see the quality of every record type in your CRM. There’s no other way to do this for free.

  • No Blank Slate: By connecting your CRM, your free Clearbit account will automatically start pulling in and enriching your data!

  • Touchless Evaluation: You can now instantly evaluate our potential impact on your data, regardless if you’re ready to chat with us or not. 

Sound intriguing? Check it out by creating a free account today!

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Fix: Addressed issues that were causing slow response times in the Clearbit Platform.

  • Fix: Resolved a problem that resulted in elevated response times for all APIs and Enrichment backfills.

  • Fix: Help Center was unavailable to some users for several hours. An issue was resolved with our vendor, and Help Center availability was restored.