Clearbit release notes

July 12, 2023

Reimagined Company Tags

Reimagined Company Tags

We’ve released an all new company tagging system that significantly improves our accuracy for existing tags and over 1400 all new company tags. We’re introducing keyword tags: granular tags based on the content of a company's website. Things like business model (B2B, B2C, SAAS), category (Sales Enablement, Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence), and keywords (APIs, Data, Crypto). Our Clearbit company tags are now upgraded from 152 to 1572 highly granular tags perfect for the modern technology company. For more details, see 

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Improvement: Clearbit Global Coverage: We have significantly expanded our coverage in EMEA and APAC regions. We’ve added coverage for 2.1M new EMEA companies (+30%) and 1.7M new APAC companies (+34%). Furthermore, we have included over 250 million new global contacts to our dataset, primarily focusing on APAC and EMEA.

  • Improvement: We have implemented changes to our internal account management console, simplifying the process for our customer teams to better serve you, our valued customers.

  • Fix: We resolved an issue with Marketo list enrichment, ensuring that all records in a list are enriched or re-enriched, regardless of their previous enrichment status.

  • Fix: Fixed a bug that prevented mapping new fields in the Hubspot and Marketo for Platform integrations.