Clearbit release notes

May 2, 2023

3 Game-Changing Features Added to the Weekly Visitor Report

3 Game-Changing Features Added to the Weekly Visitor Report

Discover the true potential of your web traffic with our latest enhancements to the free Weekly Visitor Report. We're excited to introduce three powerful features that will help you better understand, target, and engage with your ideal customers

ICP Badges 

See if you're driving the right buyers to your site by understanding the proportion of visitors that are an ICP match. When you filter for ICP, the report will now show you how many companies are a match, helping you focus your efforts on the most relevant visitors.

New Traffic Quality Funnel

For those visitors that are an ICP match, you can now filter for specific accounts and see if they're showing intent. With the addition of the new traffic funnel, we encourage users to set up their ICP, which will provide a more detailed breakdown of visitor intent. This helps you identify high-intent visitors, making it easier to prioritize.

TAM Calculator Integration

Discover new potential markets in your Weekly Visitor Report and size them by loading them into our free TAM Calculator. This feature allows you to quickly assess the potential value of different markets, guiding your decision-making process for expansion and growth.

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Fix: Resolved data inconsistency issue with the newly released SIC and NAICS codes.

  • Fix: Enhanced the accuracy of audience results by using Salesforce traits to convert data types for custom fields, instead of relying on inference.

  • Fix: Rectified the problem of enrichment API calls being dropped when one call in a batch failed, ensuring a more reliable and stable API experience.

  • Fix: Fixed an issue with computed traits that could have resulted in segment inclusion traits and custom traits not always being enriched correctly to a customer’s CRM if the traits were mapped. The data would generally self-correct but could have been incorrect for a time.

  • Fix: Addressed a delayed data enrichment issue, improving the overall data processing speed and efficiency.

  • Fix: Resolved the "Whoops" error that customers encountered when navigating to the /people, /companies, or /*/segments pages of the Platform.