Introducing ultimate parent to Clearbit Enrichment API

Sometimes, having just one parent company field isn't enough information. So we've added a new data attribute to our Company Enrichment API: ultimate parent.

With large acquisitions and mergers taking place, mega-conglomerates are becoming increasingly common, from the tech world to media to healthcare and beyond. The ultimate parent field will help bring full context of your accounts' hierarchy into view — so your team can stay up to speed on new acquisitions and know when they're in conversation with the same parent company.

The ultimate parent is the topmost parent company in a corporate hierarchy. The parent company is the immediate owner, but there can be an owner of that parent, and an owner of that parent, and so forth. The ultimate is the top level of succession.

For example, Dreamworks has a parent company, Universal Pictures, and Dreamworks's ultimate parent is Comcast.


Using the ultimate parent data point

Now, when you enrich a domain like, Clearbit will return parent.domain = and ultimate_parent.domain =


The vast majority of companies don't have either a parent or ultimate parent — and in these cases, those fields will be null.

For those of you using the Clearbit API, this new field will start coming through with all new requests automatically. (If you don't see them, just check your API version here to make sure you're on the latest version.)

We've also added ultimate parent to Clearbit for Salesforce Enrichment. Stay tuned for its addition to Marketo enrichment!