Real-time account based alerting comes to Salesforce

Real-time account based alerting comes to Salesforce

March 06, 2018

We're pleased to announce a new addition to our Salesforce suite which makes our integration even more valuable to your team - real-time ABM alerting.

Clearbit Reveal for Salesforce

For those unfamiliar, Clearbit Reveal takes your anonymous website traffic and uncovers the companies behind it. As of this week, our Salesforce integration brings that data into your CRM to alert your reps in real-time when one of their named accounts hits your website.


You can even automatically assign tasks, post to Chatter, or send or set up email notifications to trigger when high-value accounts hit specific pages on your site.


Now, previously anonymous traffic is turned into buying intent data that your team can immediately take action on.

Real-time account based alerts are available today for all Salesforce Enrichment customers with a Reveal plan.

This is just the beginning for Reveal in Salesforce and you'll see many more updates to this functionality in the coming weeks and months.

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