Run in Postman

If you’ve ever used Postman, you’ll know it’s an incredibly useful REST client to test API endpoints. Since everyone who checks out Clearbit is immediately curious what the results from API calls will look like, we added a Run with Postman Button that allows you to test API requests and see the results immediately without writing any code.

If you’ve installed Postman’s free app or Chrome extension, just look for this button in our docs:


We’ve created a Clearbit collection that will immediately get added to your Postman account when you click that button. It contains many common Clearbit API requests, and like this:

If you’re logged in, we’ll also prefill your API credentials into the collection.
Then, select a request, and run it. Here’s an example response from a query to the Company API for


Whether you’re just checking out Clearbit to see how it works, or you’ve already built a full integration and need to test responses on the fly, Postman should make it super easy for you.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.