4 ways to increase conversions with Clearbit and HubSpot

4 ways to increase conversions with Clearbit and HubSpot

October 31, 2022

There’s a vibe shift happening across the tech industry.

With reduced headcount and budget, fewer prospects are ready to buy new tools and solutions. This makes it harder than ever for revenue-generating teams to create and capture demand, and turn it into pipeline.

Throw rising customer acquisition costs into the mix, and you have the perfect storm. Go-to-market teams need to find efficient ways to scale their business, but growth at all costs is a relic of the past. Successful revenue-generating teams focus on discovering, engaging, and converting ideal customers, more effectively and efficiently across the funnel.

Enter Clearbit and HubSpot.

Clearbit is a marketing intelligence solution that helps B2B marketing and revenue teams activate their ICP so they can grow faster and smarter.

HubSpot is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provides software and support to help companies grow better.

The Clearbit integration for HubSpot helps revenue-generating teams create, capture, and convert demand from ideal customers while automating workflows to optimize team efficiency.

Clearbit for HubSpot adds 100+ B2B data attributes (including industry, role, company size, technographics, and more) to your HubSpot database, making it easier to create data-driven segments for sales and marketing efforts.

The result? Revenue-generating teams have access to a richer data set, which gives them the ability to better understand customers, create more accurate segments and reporting, and power more efficient workflows across the entire funnel.

Let’s take a closer look at how this integration can help increase conversions across the entire funnel.

Shorten forms to instantly increase lead conversion

Clearbit’s unique Form Optimization feature equips your sales team with useful data on every single lead while hiding or auto-filling fields. All a lead has to do is enter their email address—Clearbit will fill in the gaps with details like company name, job title, location, and more. This helps your marketing team increase conversions by reducing friction, and helps ensure your sales team still has access to the info they need when following up on form submissions.

Focus only on your best leads

Clearbit enriches new and existing HubSpot leads and accounts with over 100+ data points, ensuring that HubSpot lead management workflows will have what they need to instantly identify and send the best leads to your sales team.

From the moment a new record is created, Clearbit instantly provides the data needed to precisely score and route new leads, understand and prioritize the opportunities that matter, and create rich customer segments to drive actionable insights.

"From a conversion point of view, Clearbit helps solve the relevance problem at the source. It helps us prioritize the best kinds of leads, even before lead capture happens, and take them through the best conversion process."

Shrimithran, Sr. Manager of Marketing, Chargebee

Discover how Chargebee used HubSpot and Clearbit and grew pipeline by 300% here.

This helps improve speed to lead by reducing the time it takes for sales to gather the key information they need to reach out to prospects with a personalized message. Time is of the essence in prospecting—the longer you take to contact an interested lead, the higher the risk your lead will move on to your competitors. With Clearbit and HubSpot, a sales rep can quickly review their contact record (including the added data from Clearbit) before sending out a personalized intro email—no research or manual data input is required.

Increase engagement with advanced campaign personalization

Sales teams heavily rely on email to get in touch with new leads, and to save time, many of them rely on email automation and dynamic tokens to quickly input personalized contact information without drafting each email from scratch. But we’ve all seen what badly personalized emails can look like:

Hi {first.name},

It looks like {company} would be a good fit for our services. Do you have 15 minutes on Tuesday to learn more about how we can help you 10x your revenue with our business solutions?

Let me know,


Writing an email worthy of a reply takes a lot more personalization than that. The Clearbit integration for HubSpot helps add advanced personalization without sacrificing huge amounts of time, which empowers sales reps to connect with leads in a more authentic way. With 100+ data points to choose from, reps can personalize emails based on lead role, seniority, location, and more.

And since you can easily map Clearbit data to both standard and custom HubSpot fields, you can also this data for other types of personalization, including HubSpot landing pages and chat workflows.

Alert sales about new high-value accounts—even if they’re anonymous website visitors

Fewer people are filling out forms these days—and Dynamic Yield has reported that up to 97-98% of website visitors are anonymous. To drive more pipeline, today’s marketers need to be able to identify and convert anonymous web visitors—especially those who are showing strong intent signals. Clearbit de-anonymizes accounts that would otherwise go undetected while prioritizing the best-fit accounts above the rest of your site traffic.

With Clearbit, you can notify your reps the moment an account that matches your ICP shows intent on your HubSpot website or landing pages—even if they don’t fill out a form—so they can reach out to prospects right when they're most engaged.

For example, let’s say a target account hasn’t responded to any of your sales rep’s follow-up emails, but they’ve visited your pricing page five times in the last week. Multiple decision-makers from the company have also visited individual product pages. They’re giving off “ready-to-buy” signals and engagement is at an all-time high. With Clearbit and HubSpot, the assigned sales rep will receive an instant alert that their key account is on the website, and can then give them a call to see if they’re ready to move forward.

Customer Success teams can also take advantage of this feature—you can alert your Customer Success reps when an upcoming renewal is visiting the pricing page, or visiting the product page for a solution that presents a great upsell opportunity.

Focus your funnel and build a better demand engine with Clearbit and HubSpot

Clearbit’s advanced data enrichment and conversion rate optimization capabilities can help sales and marketing teams alike drive better results across their HubSpot workflows. By filling in the data gaps in your marketing automation, you can put that data to work across your entire funnel to reach and convert more of your ideal customers, faster. Learn more about the Clearbit integration for HubSpot here.

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