Dig deeper with these powerful new Company API attributes

We’re constantly striving to make Clearbit a better, more reliable product for the hundreds of businesses that use our APIs. This effort involves adding data sources, machine-learning algorithms, and other behind-the-scene improvements, as well as expanding upon the data our APIs return.

Here are a few attributes we’ve recently added, and a bit about how you might use them. (See a full list of Company API attributes and go to your dashboard to upgrade to the latest version of the API.)


Two popular attributes in our Company API are industry and subIndustry. These come from a variety of sources and aim to nail down the industry that a company operates in. But we have a new Tags attribute that might be even more useful for you.

This attribute returns an array of Tags that describe a company’s industry, sector, product category, or vertical. They are populated from a finite list of possible Tags, and a company can be tagged with several of them.

We’re creating these Tags by looking at a variety of data sources that describe the company, as well as applying our machine-learning algorithms on the company’s website.

Since the Tags will always come from our finite list of possible Tags, you can easily use them with other Company API attributes to route and score leads.

Here’s an example:

  "tags": [
      "Financial Services",

Phone Number and Email Address Arrays

The company.phone attribute has been a part of the Clearbit Company API for a while, and when it returns a number the reliability is very high, but it doesn’t always return one. So, we added a new attribute: phoneNumbers. This returns an array of phone numbers, all of which are scraped off the company’s website.

It’s worth noting that these numbers aren’t validated. They’ll often be direct numbers for the company, but could be from documentation examples, press releases, or any other reason a company website might have a phone number on it.

We’ve also added an attribute called emailAddresses, which similarly returns an array of email addresses that can be found on the company’s public website and whois information but have not been verified.

Here’s what they look like:

"phoneNumbers": [
  "+1 855-812-4430",
  "+1 888-925-2521",
  "+1 800-981-4429",
  "+1 800-622-0620",
  "+1 800-848-3792",
  "+1 850-487-9687",
  "+1 888-298-8089",
  "+1 410-230-6077",
  "+1 877-276-5554"
"emailAddresses": [

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