Clearbit Reveal in Salesforce – Turn Anonymous Traffic Into Qualified Sales Prospects

Clearbit Reveal in Salesforce – Turn Anonymous Traffic Into Qualified Sales Prospects

May 18, 2017

Fresh on the heels of the latest chapter of our Book, Data Driven Sales, we’re excited to announce Reveal Loop in Salesforce. A perfect marriage of our IP address lookup service Reveal, and our Prospector service, that lets you build lead lists from companies that have anonymously visited your website.

In this example we're building a prospect list from companies with more than 200 employees, who have visited our website within the last day!

reveal loop in salesforce example

These target accounts can then be de-duplicated against your existing accounts, before you start searching for new sales prospects.

Our recent chapter on Automated Outbound Sales details how Segment’s growth team leverages Reveal data to drive highly targeted and personalized email campaigns. By focusing outbound on companies that have visited their website, the campaign has seen an open rate of 55%, and increased outbound email open rates by 200%.

With the Reveal Loop, we’ve empowered any organization using Salesforce to build lead lists based on website visitors.

If you are interested in learning more or seeing a demo, please contact

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