Clearbit OAuth API

Clearbit OAuth API

January 10, 2017

Clearbit was founded on a powerful idea: that we can catalyze innovation by creating simple building blocks.

The first stage of the plan was our APIs. By abstracting person & company data behind simple interfaces, you can build some powerful tools. We've already seen thousands of companies do just that - Segment, for example, combined two of our APIs to automatically email qualified companies who visit their site.

The second stage is the Clearbit platform - bake Clearbit into your apps so your customers can start to take advantage of our data. To further that end today we're releasing OAuth 2 support. This is a vast improvement over white-labeling and re-seller agreements. Simply let your customers connect their Clearbit accounts, and then make API requests on their behalf.

Company Logo API

Engineeringby Alex MacCaw on January 01, 2021

Clearbit's free Logo API is still available here in 2021 — and still completely free. We never found anything that catered well to company logos. And yet there's a lot of clear use-cases ranging from setting an organization's default image on signup to pulling in logos next to job listings. Clearbit Logo API The API is incredibly simple, taking a company's domain and returning an image. GET Behind the scenes we're using Clearbit's Company API [https://clear

Introducing ultimate parent to Clearbit Enrichment API

Engineeringby Emily Brown on April 16, 2019

We've added a new data attribute to Clearbit's Company Enrichment API: ultimate parent. Bring full context of your accounts' hierarchy into view — so your team can stay up to speed on new acquisitions and know when they're in conversation with the same parent company.

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