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Clearbit for Salesforce gives you the data you need, when and where you need it.

Better data, better results

Salesforce is the backbone of your business, so the data you enter needs to be right. With a suite of products for enriching records, finding new leads, and increasing conversion — Clearbit can help.

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Fill SFDC with accurate business data

Enrichment automatically adds 85+ firmographic and demographic data points (like job title, location, industry and revenue) right within Salesforce. If you are missing a job title for a Contact or a zip code for an Account, Clearbit will fill in the gaps for you – no more manual research.

Discover new best-fit accounts

Prospector helps you find customers with the highest lifetime value. It allows your SDR or Sales Ops team to build company lists based on advanced attributes like employee count, location, industry or even technology stack. Once they have a target list they can de-dupe and add them as Leads or Contacts in 2 clicks.

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Based on 319 independent reviews

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Based on 76 independent reviews

Ease of setup

The Clearbit SFDC integration can be self-installed and configured in under 15 minutes. Once configured, there is zero additional setup or management nesessary. Data is automatically written to standard SFDC fields and is instantly available for reporting, routing, and lead qualification.

Clearbit was a hole-in-one for us. We wanted a nice add-on solution for enriching leads that were going to salesforce. Clearbit delivered that, and more, with no BS.

Brian Sparker
Head of Marketing, ReviewTrackers

Salesforce leads are automatically updated with social information (including the Linkedin handle) - this saves the sales team a ton of manual research time.

Dean Cruse
VP Sales, Union Metrics

Data coverage

Clearbit collects data from over 250 public and private sources in real time and can pull data for every company in the world with a website. From company size to your decision maker's email address, Clearbit has the data your sales team needs.

Global Clearbit coverage
High coverage Low coverage

The level of detail and number of contacts available through Clearbit Prospector was greater than any of the other tools we considered.

Arvind Ramesh
Sales Operations, Intercom

Clearbit is a fantastic way to add useful data to Salesforce records. Compared to our previous enrichment provider (, Clearbit had at least 5x better coverage.

Luke Whiting
Sales Tools, Heroku (a Salesforce Company)

Data accuracy

Clearbit only stores a Contact or Account record for 30 days before automatically refreshing that record. This means that there will never be any record older than 30 days returned. Furthermore, records go through a combination of outlier recognition and a review by our highly trained QA team to ensure they are as accurate as possible.

Contact Data Accuracy
Company Data Accuracy

Clearbit data has been immensely helpful in identifying which leads within Salesforce we want to focus on. In addition, the support from the team at Clearbit has been incredible!

Taylor Oliver
Director of Sales, Flexport

Clearbit saves each rep hours per week they otherwise would spend in a hodgepodge of tools including Rapportive, Google, Crunchbase, LinkedIn, etc. It’s a no-brainer for any sales team.

Danny Olinsky
Growth Manager, Atlassian

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