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Alert sales about who’s on your site

Trigger notifications based on when a named account visits — that’s new companies and existing opportunities — and your first-party data. Send alerts in the channel and format that best fits into the sales team workflow.


@mary, your account Segment just visited our /pricing page. Here's some additional info:

Headquarters: CA, United States
Company size: 251-1K
Alexa Rank: 6181
Industry: Internet Software & Services

Open the Account in Salesforce or find contacts at Segment.

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Jen Hilton created the task:
New website visit from Segment

Assigned to: Mary Bloggs
Account: Segment

Segment just visited our /pricing page. They are now assigned to you. Here’s some additional info:

Headquarters: CA, United States
Company size: 251-1K
Alexa Rank: 6181
Industry: Internet Software & Services

Click here to prospect for Contacts at the Account.
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New email from Clearbit!
Subject Companies visiting not in Salesforce

Hi Mary,

Here is a list of companies who visited our pricing page today, but do not exist in Salesforce:

Atlassian Currently visiting
Segment 27 seconds ago
Clearbit 3 minutes ago

Please use Clearbit to find marketing executives at these companies and reach out. Best of luck! 💰💰💰


Define notification rules based on the data most relevant to your business

Tailor your alerting workflows by leveraging data you’re already tracking — Salesforce Account and Opportunity data and custom first-party data — with Clearbit-identified visitors and their pageviews.

Find contacts at new target accounts

If a company visits who’s not in your system, your sales team can use Clearbit to find contacts there.

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Your customers, both anonymous and known, are talking to you through their interactions on your website. So don’t treat them just as a cookie or an impression. Understanding people and how they want to be treated will always prevail.

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