Why data-powered products are the future of B2B software

Why data-powered products are the future of B2B software

From AI tools to B2B applications, the most innovative products today are being supercharged with data as their foundation.

45 minutes

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Harlow Ward

Harlow Ward

CTO, Clearbit

Tido Carriero

Tido Carriero

Co-Founder, Koala

Maximus Greenwald

Maximus Greenwald

Cofounder & CEO, Warmly

Join Clearbit, Koala, and Warmly as they talk about why data is an important part of their companies' solutions and how they use data to bring more value to their customers.

You’ll learn:

  • How companies are thinking about adding data, context, and insight into their products

  • How Warmly and Koala are leveraging Clearbit data in their product experiences

  • Why Clearbit is a perfect partner for data-powered companies

What to expect:

Harlow, Max & Tido will spend ~30 minutes discussing how data is becoming the foundation of modern SaaS software, followed by some time for Q&A. If you don't want to attend live — but are interested — register anyway. We'll stop sending you invites, plus we'll share the recording after the event.

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